For Pharmacists

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN) is an opportunity for pharmacists to expand beyond traditional dispensing services and play a critical role in the overall health care system by providing comprehensive medication management services.

Optimize Patient Health Outcomes

As part of PPCN, pharmacists optimize patient health outcomes by helping patients avoid unnecessary medication-related problems, ED visits and hospital readmissions. This supports the treatment plans prescribed by providers and reduces overall health care costs, an appealing benefit to payers.

Resources for Pharmacists

Effective, consistent and quality medication management is PPCN’s goal. To provide the necessary skills for direct patient care, we’ve developed a comprehensive training program. We also offer continuing education and learning opportunities, such as our online resources for starting a patient care practice and providing evidence-based care and access.


We offer toolkits on the following topics.  All are designed to help pharmacies and pharmacists provide quality patient care.

Opportunities for Growth and Promotion

PPCN is committed to creating new opportunities for pharmacists in its network. We actively seek contracts with payers willing to provide reimbursement for medication management services. PPCN also helps promote your pharmacy and the services it provides through the new Pharmacy Locator app.

Contact us today to see how your pharmacy can benefit from being part of PPCN.